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What is a fiduciary?

It is import to understand that not all advisors act as fiduciaries.  Make sure you have a fiduciary handling your assets and retirement planning.

As a CFP, I must uphold my Fiduciary duty so what is a Fiduciary?


From the CFP Board of Standards


Consistent with our mission to benefit the public, CFP Board supports a uniform fiduciary standard of conduct for all personalized investment advice. This fiduciary standard of conduct should put the interests of the client first, and should include both a duty of care and a duty of loyalty. Our position is grounded in the real-world experience of more than 86,000 CFP® professionals and the revised Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct, effective October 1, 2019. The Code and Standards contains a genuine fiduciary standard of conduct that is broadly applicable yet business model-neutral, and includes both a duty of care and a duty of loyalty.

An advisor must place his or her interest below that of the client.

An advisor is prohibited from buying securities for his or her account prior to buying them for a client.

An advisor must do his or her best to make sure investment advice is made using accurate and complete information. The analysis must be as thorough as possible.

An advisor must avoid conflicts of interest. As a fiduciary, an advisor must disclose any conflicts of interest or potential conflicts of interest.