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Being Independent

Often times I am asked “What does it mean to me as an investor that you are an independent advisor?”

As an independent advisor I am self employed and work for the good of my clients. My success depends upon your success and satisfaction. LPL Financial and I do not offer access to any sort of proprietary products and are not bound by any sales quotas, spiffs, or added bonus to sell a certain product or syndicate offering. Therefore, my client’s get complete objective advice and products that are equitable.

Working as an independent advisor I can remain completely loyal and committed to the people who I service…my clients.

The bottom line is LPL Financial works for me and I work for you.

I could choose to work with one of numerous independent firms but I chose to affiliate myself with the firm that has over 14,000 affiliated financial advisors and manages more than $233 billion annually. Because of this LPL Financial is the number one independent broker/dealer in the United States.*

*Based on revenues, as reported in Financial Planning magazine, June 1996-2017.

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