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Clipper Wealth Management, LLC is an independent financial management organization. Our speciality is to provide custom wealth management strategies that are objective to individuals, families and trusts . We help develop financial plans to take full advantage of all income, tax and growth opportunities that are consistent with a clients goals and risks. Each person and their circumstances are unique…so are their plans.

Scott Cash Thompson, CFP®, owner of Clipper Wealth Management, LLC is dedicated to providing comprehensive financial and estate planning services to our clients. We will not recommend any course of action or any type of financial product until we are fully aware of the clients goals and objectives — and then only when we are convinced that the recommended action or product is suitable as a long-term strategy. Our investment philosophy is based on our belief that the most important investment decision an investor can make is not which investment to buy – but rather, how assets should be allocated based upon the investor’s attitudes, objectives, circumstances and risk-taking capacity.

After a plan or recommendation is put in place we continutally evaluate the portfolio to make sure that it still is satisfactory for the clients goals and risks…always keeping our eye on the long-term “ball.” With this in mind..investing and creating a custom wealth management program is a dynamic process and not a static, one-time event.

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*Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.